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    Browser Phishing Protection

    BUFFERZONE offers an anti-phishing solution aimed at evading disruptive phishing campaigns. The lightweight browser extension is powered by a novel artificial intelligence-based analysis and detection suite.

    BUFFERZONE Anti-Phishing combines state-of-the-art technologies, including brand detection, image context understanding, natural language processing (NLP), language translation, protocol analysis, static page analysis, dynamic URL sandboxing technology, and BUFFERZONE’s Threat Intelligence.

    The solution defends against credential theft, scareware and dynamic content (fake virus alerts), social engineering scams (credit fraud), and other phishing abuses.

    The anti-phishing solution adds another layer to BUFFERZONE’s Safe Workspace endpoint isolation. The combination of our Anti-Phishing detection and the Safe Workspace virtual containment and disarming ensures the highest level of security with a smooth and simple user experience.

    The new solution protects from:

    • Credential Stealing
    • Scareware/ Dynamic Content (fake virus alerts)
    • Social Engineering Scams (credit fraud)
    • Phishing Exploits Zero-day exploits

    The anti-phishing solution extends BUFFERZONE’s browsing protection beyond endpoint containment and content disarming protecting against threats stemming from users’ falling victim to malicious phishing campaigns.



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