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The Next Cyber Threat: Conferencing and Collaboration

By BUFFERZONE Team, 11/07/2017

If you’re responsible for your organization’s IT security, you probably rely on email inspection and other perimeter gateway solutions for preventing potentially malicious files from entering your network. However, conferencing

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Can Social Media be Compliantly Supervised? The RegTech Option

By BUFFERZONE Team, 14/06/2017

One of the most difficult compliance challenges faced by companies in the financial and health industries is the requirement to record and supervise employee communications over social media. Let’s take

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Preventing the Next WannaCry

By BUFFERZONE Team, 7/06/2017

The recent WannaCry worldwide ransomware attack seems to have been successfully stopped for now. But what about the next similar attack? WannaCry Earlier this month (May 2017), organizations worldwide were

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Financial Services Organizations: How to Stop the “Other” Social Media Threat

By BUFFERZONE Team, 5/02/2017

When it comes to guarding against data leaks, financial services organizations have been on high alert for several years. Unfortunately, this is a case where widespread fear is actually a

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