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BUFFERZONE Launches BUFFERZONE 5.0, with Unique Features for Financial Organizations


New product includes opt-in security, read-only browsing and additional features that enable financial organizations to improve security and productivity at the same time

Tel Aviv, Israel — February 14, 2017 — BUFFERZONE, a provider of next-generation endpoint security solutions protecting organizations from advanced threats including ransomware, zero-days, and phishing scams, announced today the launch of BUFFERZONE 5.0.

Built on top of the Company’s flagship virtual container technology, BUFFERZONE 5.0 features the BUFFERZONE Passport, giving organizations the ability to restrict Internet access to browsers protected by BUFFERZONE. Passport includes a unique method of deploying endpoint security that gives users the ability to opt-in and download BUFFERZONE when they attempt to browse a website that is ordinarily blocked by an organization’s proxy server. Passport turns endpoint security into a business enabler that employees willingly install in order to gain greater freedom to use the Internet.

BUFFERZONE 5.0 also offers “read-only” browsing, preventing employees from updating social media pages or commenting on websites, ensuring that sensitive information is not mistakenly shared. This best practice is becoming a compliance requirement in some European countries.

BUFFERZONE 5.0 has been tailor built to help the financial services industry improve endpoint security. Financial organizations are facing an increased security threat, with cyber attacks up 40% in 2017 in the US and as much as 1400% in the UK. Employee endpoints are the biggest attack surface, but employees must still be able to access the Internet to be productive in their day-to-day jobs. BUFFERZONE 5.0 meets the demands of the financial sector with protection from advanced threats, compliance with regulations and efficient management. BUFFERZONE’s patented containment technology isolates any harm inflicted by malware, sealing it off in the virtual environment and keeping the endpoint and corporate networks safe.


BUFFERZONE endpoint security solutions protect enterprises from advanced threats including ransomware, zero-days, phishing scams and APTs. With cutting-edge containment, bridging and intelligence, BUFFERZONE gives employees seamless access to internet applications, mail and removable storage – while keeping the enterprise safe. Learn more at Follow BUFFERZONE on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

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