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Don’t Let Hackers in Through the Front Door

Employee endpoints are the largest, most vulnerable attack surface in your organization. Protect them from ransomware, zero-day exploits, phishing scams and more with patented containment technology that isolates threats before they can harm the organization. Learn More.

Endpoint Security Solutions – A BUFFERZONE between Criminals and the Enterprise

For years, the most secure facilities have used the concept of a buffer zone to isolate sensitive operations and information. Now you can use endpoint security software to protect the enterprise from advanced threats by isolating applications like web browsers and email attachments in a secure, virtual container that prevents exploits from getting in.

BUFFERZONE Selected as ‘Best Endpoint Security Product’ Finalist for the 2016 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

The award highlights BUFFERZONE’s excellence in protecting organizations by defending endpoints against modern threats with patented containment, bridging and intelligence

Shavlik/BUFFERZONE Webinar: How Virtual Container Technology Isolates Threats, Apr’ 20th

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How Hospitals Can Protect their Network from Surging Malware Attacks

In the “good old days”, the only kind of viral infections that hospitals had to deal with were those involving patients. But today, hospitals themselves are under siege – except the viruses they are trying to fend off are not biological in nature; they are digital by design.

  • We are aware of more than one targeted attack aimed at the financial sector in Israel that we avoided, most likely thanks to BUFFERZONE.
    Haim Inger, CTO, Clalbit
  • BUFFERZONE is an excellent solution for our employees – it enables them to get the job done, while keeping the network secure.
    Aviv Hasidim, IT Security Manager, NII