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    BUFFERZONE® Safe Workspace® for endpoints provides ironclad protection from all types of downloaded and attached malware, and combats web fraud (phishing) with cutting-edge intelligent detection and prevention. The BUFFERZONE® solution is pro-active and simple, and does not rely on detection and alerting.

    With cutting-edge containment and content disarming technology, BUFFERZONE® protects enterprises and individuals from advanced threats including zero-day, drive-by downloads, phishing scams and APTs. BUFFERZONE® enables seamless, unrestricted access to internet, email and removable storage, while keeping risky processes and content away from the native endpoint and from trusted organizational resources.

    BUFFERZONE® does not rely on detection and alerting. IT operational overhead is significantly reduced, since there are no false positive alerts and no alert investigation is needed. This makes BUFFERZONE® a cost-effective solution for all types of organizations, including MSSPs and SMBs.

    BUFFERZONE intelligently manages automatic, source-based endpoint containment and disarming decisions. With BUFFERZONE® Enterprise edition, organizations can configure containment and disarming policies for different endpoint groups. BUFFERZONE® Standalone edition gives endpoint users control over containment and disarming of browsers, downloads, email, and removables.

    BUFFERZONE® antiphishing (beta) provides sophisticated, intelligent analysis of web addresses, detecting and preventing fraudulent sites.