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    BUFFERZONE ready to meet challenge posed by ransomware gangs combined efforts

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 25/07/2022

    A recent report indicates that ransomware criminals are working to together to spread laterally through hacked corporate environments. The article suggests that the notorious Black Basta ransomware gang has partnered

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    How did US schools become cybercriminals favorite target and how can they protect themselves? 

    By Loren Rozenbloom, 24/11/2022

    It seems that these days nobody is secure, and cybercriminals are expanding their activities to sectors in which they showed no interest in the past. So, for example, the US

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    The cost of false positive alerts, and how to avoid alert fatigue

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 7/10/2022

    Deception is one of the oldest war tactics, used since the times of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. One of the most popular forms of deception is diverting the enemy’s

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    Plugin devices expose hospitals’ Achilles heel, requiring new approach 

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 11/09/2022

    The healthcare industry is one of cybercriminals’ favorite targets, for obvious reasons. Hospitals store a large quantity of highly confidential data and need to protect themselves against a situation in

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    Open Redirection: What is this phishing technique, and how do I defend against it?

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 5/09/2022

    Computer users are long accustomed to receiving emails notifying them of exciting business opportunities, great inheritances, lottery wins, packages that are waiting for them and many other such messages that

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    Return to office does not eliminate need for secure working environment anywhere

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 30/08/2022

    The shift to remote working exposes organizations to new ransomware threats. Companies must not rely on their employees to take required security measures, and need to offer them a protected

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    How to safely use WhatsApp Business without exposing your networks to cyber criminals

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 4/08/2022

    A growing number of businesses have started integrating WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging tool, to connect with customers. The features that have turned WhatsApp into the preferred communication platform of

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