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    Why BUFFERZONE® Safe Workspace®

    In an age where perfect detection is a myth and ransomware and data-stealing malware attacks are rampant, it is time to rethink endpoint cybersecurity. 

    BUFFERZONE® redefines endpoint security with its Safe Workspace® solution suite, combining proactive zero-trust endpoint protection with cutting-edge AI-based antiphishing technology to ensure that you are well-protected with a seamless experience. Unlike other solutions, Safe Workspace® achieves this without compromising user privacy or risking network latency delays that can result from reliance on cloud communications and processing.

    While traditional endpoint security strategies rely on error-prone detection, and traditional CDR and anti-phishing solutions rely on cloud analysis, with its inherent risks to user privacy and system reaction times, our local disarming engine can handle files locally and our NoCloud™ antiphishing technology detects phishing attacks without sending any user data to the cloud. Rooted in zero-trust principles, our isolation container proactively segregates applications and files in a secure environment until files are disarmed. 

    BUFFERZONE Safe Workspace® isn’t just a security tool; it’s a cybersecurity revolution, strategically isolating attack vectors and neutralizing human or detection error as risk factors. Safe Workspace™ leverages advanced technology to provide ultimate security and a seamless user experience, setting a new benchmark in digital protection. 

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    The Old Way: A Never-Ending Battle

    For years, cybercriminals have been playing a game of cops and robbers, with the criminals usually staying one step ahead. There’s always another type of malware or evasion technique on the horizon. Much of the security industry now realizes that it’s time to move away from security that’s based purely upon discovery and detection.
    Even the best detection technology cannot return data, money or reputation that is lost in a breach. With ransomware attacks on the rise, you need a cost effective and easy-to-use solution that will allow individuals and organizational users to work safely from anywhere, anytime.

    Changing the Paradigm

    Safe Workspace® for endpoints provides ironclad protection from all types of downloaded and attached malware, including ransomware, drive-bys and zero-days, with a novel zero-trust prevention model. Safe Workspace® is pro-active and simple and does not rely on detection and alerting. It reduces IT operational costs, the number of alerts and false positives.
    With cutting-edge containment and content disarming technology, Safe Workspace® protects enterprises, SMBs and individuals from advanced threats including zero-day, drive-by downloads, phishing scams and APTs. Safe Workspace® enables seamless, unrestricted access to internet, email and removable storage, while keeping risky processes and content away from the native endpoint and from trusted organizational resources.

    How it Works

    Safe Workspace® intelligently manages automatic, source-based endpoint containment and disarming decisions, for risky content from browsers, email, removable devices, and messaging applications. With Safe Workspace® Enterprise edition, organizations and MSSPs can centrally configure and enforce versatile containment and disarming policies for different endpoint groups. Safe Workspace® Pro focuses on proactive disarming when possible, and gives individuals full control over their environments.
    Safe Workspace® Anti-phishing (Beta) now introduces a new layer of protection, using state-of-the-art analysis techniques including artificial intelligence to prevent malicious sites from deceiving users into revealing sensitive information.

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