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Channel Partners


abbakan is a BUFFERZONE Distributor in France

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CARETOWER is a BUFFERZONE Master reseller in UK

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Lenovo (our Strategic Partners) provides BUFFERZONE as part of its ThinkShield endpoint security suite.

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TechMatrix  is a BUFFERZONE re-seller in the Japan.

TechMatrix operates an information infrastructure business that provides
the integration of information infrastructure technology, which can contribute to a technological revolution in the era of cloud computing,
along with an application services business that provides applications based on best practices in the areas of concern for its customers via
the use of software technology. In the information infrastructure business field, TechMatrix uses its own unique assessment capabilities to
identify products and services, such as next-generation networks, security, storage, etc., that possess a high level of technological prowess, competitiveness, and growth potential, primarily in the U.S. TechMatrix does not simply limit itself to selling products but rather delivers
a full line up of high-value-added services.

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Athena Dynamics

Athena Dynamics is a BUFFERZONE reseller in Singapore.

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Market Experts

Market Experts is a Spanish  Distributor of Bufferzone.

Market Experts distributes innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and integrity of our customers’ data centers and IT.
Our customers enjoy the best quality of service and availability of systems, as well as a rapid return on investment on the IT spend.
It is that commitment to sound business values that makes Market Experts your natural choice for IT solutions in the Iberia Peninsula.

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