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    Channel Partners


    abbakan is a BUFFERZONE Distributor in France

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    Infoguard is an information security company based in Israel. As a solutions provider, integrator, and services consultants, we are representing various leading edge technologies.

    InfoGuard is also a leading supplier of software services, engaged in a technological solutions and regulatory compliance guidance to our customers in various projects in Israel and abroad.

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    Absolute empowers enterprises, governments, agencies, educational institutions, and more to stay resilient in the face of growing and ever-changing cyber threats.

    Founded in 1993 as a platform to ‘track-manage-trace’ computers for the education sector, we have evolved into the only provider of truly intelligent, self-healing security solutions.

    Absolute has the privileged position of being factory-embedded in more than 600 million endpoints, making us uniquely capable of enabling a permanent digital connection that dynamically applies visibility, control and self-healing capabilities to endpoints, applications, and network connections.

    We are the first and only company to offer uncompromised visibility and near real-time remediation of security breaches at the source

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    Founded in 2017, NEKT Group is a company specialized in cutting-edge cybersecurity products and services based in Mexico, serving the entire American market on a daily basis.

    Our mission is to be your partner in the preservation and growth of business value and care for the security and privacy of your assets, always guaranteeing the continuity of your operations.

    With more than 50 years of experience operating in Mexico and Latin America, and a broad portfolio of state-of-the-art solutions, today we are a key tool to help you face the #1 source of economic losses worldwide, which is cybercrime

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    ORYCO provides Human Resources Services with more than 27 years of experience in the national and foreign market.

    Our team has participated in various projects for different business sectors, forming a group of companies, aimed at obtaining and achieving our clients; Always trying to offer profitable, quality services and under international standards.

    We provide solutions of a strategic nature that provide our clients with competitive advantages.


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