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    BUFFERZONE® Technology

    The Safe Workspace® suite provides its protections by intelligently combining three unique core technologies, as relevant for the various assets, risk sources and environments:

    BUFFERZONE® SafeBridge®

    BUFFERZONE® SafeBridge® leverages CDR (Content Disarm & Reconstruction) technology to skillfully disarm content of risky components, preserving data content integrity while nullifying threats. Disarming can be performed locally on the endpoint, or data can be submitted for further data reconstruction, scanning and analysis.

    BUFFERZONE® Application and Data Isolation Container

    The BUFFERZONE® virtual application and data isolation container proactively prevents risky sources from affecting the endpoint and organization, until content is disarmed and removed from the container.

    BUFFERZONE® NoCloud Anti-phishing Detection

    BUFFERZONE® pioneering NoCloud phishing detection technology shifts the paradigm in data security by combining multiple information sources and detection criteria with AI-based machine learning to reliably identify phishing attacks while leveraging next-generation CPU/NPU (Neural Processing Unit) acceleration to perform local processing, thus minimizing network latency and maximizing user privacy.