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    Virtual Desktops

    Filling the Gap in VDI Security

    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions are helping organizations to reduce the cost of endpoint management and to enable employee access to corporate applications from personal devices.  But just like physical endpoints, virtual endpoints are vulnerable to malware.  Criminals access the VDI through internet applications like browsers, Skype, or email attachments, and from there, spread throughout the network.

    To protect VDI, enterprises need to:

    • Contain all possible threats – both known and unknown – without restricting user productivity
    • Reduce the amount of time spent by IT on alarms and false positives
    • Create a safe bridge between untrusted sources of information and the internal network
    • Deploy lightweight solutions with minimal resource requirements

    BufferZone for VDI

    BUFFERZONE protects VDI from a wide range of threats with patented containment, bridging and intelligence technologies.  Instead of blocking, BUFFERZONE isolates potentially malicious content from web browsers, email and removable storage and provides a secure bridge for transferring it safely to the corporate network from the virtual desktop. BUFFERZONE maximizes user productivity with seamless, unrestricted access to information, while empowering IT with a simple, lightweight and cost-effective solution for up to thousands of endpoints within and beyond the corporate network.

    BufferZone for VDI:

    • Enable employees to browse, open email, use Skype and other internet applications securely
    • Safely use removable media including mobile phones, USB memory and eCigarettes
    • Safely open files in Microsoft Office, Acrobat and other applications
    • Protect VDI from advanced malware, drive-by and zero-day attacks and more without signatures and updates
    • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity with unrestricted internet access
    • Deploy easily without hardware or software upgrades
    • Define granular policies for trust and sharing of data between different parts of the organization
    • Share critical endpoint data with analytics platforms and SIEM

    Learn More About Containment for VDI

    Download the BUFFERZONE white paper to learn how your organization can protect virtual endpoints from advanced threats and ensure that they do not become the back door to your network.

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