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Use Virtual Containers To Isolate Ransomware


Byline article in Network World by BUFFERZONE’s CEO, Israel Levy—

Keeping suspicious files and connections in a separate container – a virtual space isolated from the rest of the network – is a savvy strategy that can save you a great deal of trouble and expense.

According to industry statistics, over 90% of all malware attacks – including ransomware – have their origins in a nefarious Internet connection, like a link that automatically downloads a trojan to a user’s computer, or in an attachment that contains code that connects to a C&C server that installs the malware. Once done, it’s a matter of time before the ransomware is delivered – and all hell breaks loose in the organization.

Relying on users to avoid illicit links or attachments obviously doesn’t work; there isn’t a hospital, school, or company that doesn’t warn against clicking on “suspicious” objects, so the fact that computer malware infections – and ransomware threatsgrow annually means that the “don’t click” system isn’t working.

Which is why the best strategy is to keep personnel away from dangerous connections and attachments. Not by limiting the ability to surf the Internet via whitelists or restricting access to content in messages like attachments; that would interfere with the flow of work. Instead, organizations should install virtual container solutions, which keep negative phenomena away from important files and from the internal network, while allowing the flow of work to proceed.

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