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    Ransomware in Hospitals and Health Care: A Preventable Epidemic

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 24/08/2021

    The recent epidemic of targeted ransomware attacks against hospitals and other healthcare providers should concern anyone involved in these institutions’ information security. However, a vaccine is available. Pathology: The Nature

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    Malware in a Box: A New Cyber Evasion Tactic

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 17/06/2021

    For years, cybercriminals and the cyber security establishment have been playing a kind of game of cops and robbers, with the criminals usually staying one step ahead. Any time security

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    BUFFERZONE Newsletter

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 7/06/2021

    June 2021 Monthly security update from our experts RaaS: The New Economics of Ransomware The following is an excerpt; read the full article here. Ransomware is no longer just about

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    Malware Wars: The Never-Ending Battle

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 1/06/2021

    2021 opened with a significant win for international law enforcement against organized cybercrime. A significant battle has been won – but the security establishment is still working hard at fighting

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