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Fake Updates: Taking Advantage of Responsible Users

By BUFFERZONE Team, 12/11/2019

These days, even relatively unsophisticated users are aware of the significant dangers posed by computer malware and are aware of the need to protect their assets against it. And one

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PowerShell Exploits: What they are and How to Defend Against Them

By BUFFERZONE Team, 12/02/2019

PowerShell has recently become one of Cybercriminals’ favorite assets to exploit, and security experts are predicting an increase in such exploits. In this article we’ll try to understand PowerShell exploits,

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Defending Against Fileless Malware

By BUFFERZONE Team, 14/08/2018

Fileless malware has attracted a lot of attention recently, due to the difficulty that security solutions are having in defending against it. The attackers are also aware of the defenders’

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Emotet: An Example of Evolving Malware

By BUFFERZONE Team, 26/06/2018

The never-ending battle between cybercriminals and the cyber security establishment is well-known even outside the security community, to the general public. Elsewhere, we’ve written about some aspects of this struggle,

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