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Cops & Robbers: The Battle over Office-Based Malware

By BUFFERZONE Team, 6/11/2017

For years, cybercriminals and the cyber security establishment have been playing a kind of game of cops and robbers, with the criminals usually staying one step ahead. Any time security

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Ransomware 2.0: New Paradigm, Same Old Purpose

By BUFFERZONE Team, 10/09/2017

Until now, the path of ransomware — whether it has targeted hospitals, government agencies, law enforcement, businesses or individual end users — has typically been the same: aim for data

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The New Economics of Ransomware

By BUFFERZONE Team, 8/08/2017

Ransomware is no longer just about the individual hacker. A new economic model, patterned after the marketing world, is fueling sophisticated ransomware campaigns. Ransomware-as-a-service is not only increasing the incidence

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The Next Cyber Threat: Conferencing and Collaboration

By BUFFERZONE Team, 11/07/2017

If you’re responsible for your organization’s IT security, you probably rely on email inspection and other perimeter gateway solutions for preventing potentially malicious files from entering your network. However, conferencing

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