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    More spending is not  the necessarily the answer to cybersecurity experts fears

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 1/06/2022

    New survey indicates that most senior cybersecurity professionals are concerned about their ability to keep up with rapidly changing threats. Although the majority believes the solution is to spend more, CISO’s and MSP’s are advised to shift their attention to cost effective solutions that focus on prevention rather than detection.   

    The constant effort to remain ahead of cybercriminals is taking its toll on cybersecurity professionals, who feel that the strategies they are using will soon be obsolete.

    A recent survey conducted by Crossword Cybersecurity, among more than 200 CISOS and senior cybersecurity decision makers, indicates that the vast majority fears that they won’t be able to keep up with fast changing threats. The report shows that 77 percent of those surveyed, expect their current cybersecurity strategy be outdated in the next two-three years.

    Source: Crossword Cybersecurity

    “There’s a perfect storm facing the world of cybersecurity: escalating cyber-attacks and rapid technological innovation leave companies stretched thin, trying to defend themselves against threats using existing technology, while simultaneously having to understand and secure new tools and services. Even with enhanced cybersecurity tools at their disposal, organizations are more exposed than ever,” Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director at Crossword Cybersecurity, wrote in a blog post.

    “Cybersecurity is a systemic issue that demands a strategic response. But too many organizations are still struggling to get the basics right and are too overwhelmed by day-to-day challenges to plan effectively for the future.”

    Another troubling issue is that CISOs spend most of their time putting out daily fires with no time to plan ahead. Almost half of respondents (44%) claimed their organization has only enough capacity to focus on immediate and medium-term threats.

    The report authors noted that it seems that the big concern for CISOs today is the lack of budget coming into 2022. They noted that although it’s difficult to say how much money is enough, every CISO is constantly arguing for more.

    The truth, however, is that increased budgets, although nice to have, are not always the only solution to rising ransomware and cybersecurity threats.

    CISO’s, MSP’s and other IT professionals are advised to focus at least part of their efforts on solutions that are not focused on detecting the next threat but rather on prevention.

    Security products, such as BUFFERZONE, which are complementing detection-based products with a pro-active containment and disarming solution offer a simple and cost-effective solution.

    BUFFERZONE combines containment and isolation of processes and files from untrusted sources with disarming technology to ensure downloads and attachments cannot cause any unexpected behavior. Organizations can be secure in the knowledge that even if a newly developed malware hits their computers, it will be disarmed, with the malware removed. Even if disarming fails, the files and malware will be contained and will not be able to cause any lasting damage.

    In a world where most organizations have limited budgets, trying to look for solutions that are easy to operate, require less maintenance and spending, is a much more realistic approach to remain safe and protected even in the fast-changing world of cyber and ransomware crime.