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    BUFFERZONE Appoints Ran Dubin as CTO to Boost Zero Trust Solutions Development


    BUFFERZONE, a provider of next-generation endpoint security solutions which protect organizations from advanced threats such as ransomware, zero-days and phishing scams, has appointed Dr. Ran Dubin as the company’s CTO as part of the company’s efforts to add another layer to its Safe Workspace solution by combining phishing and fraud protection with endpoint containment and isolation.

    Dr. Dubin was the cofounder and CEO of SNDBOX, which was acquired by OPSWAT. Dr. Dubin is a cyber and artificial intelligence (AI) veteran, with over 20 years of experience in AI, zero-trust attack prevention, malware research, and network analysis.
    “By adding AI capabilities to BUFFERZONE’s existing Safe Workspace solutions, the company will be able to offer protection at an affordable cost,” said Dr. Dubin. “When you look at cybercrime threats it is very difficult to develop detection systems that will provide full security. Zero trust tools are the real game changer in the industry.

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