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    By isolating attacks as they enter your environment, you vastly improve your risk posture


    When a cyberthreat enters its target perimeter and begins the attack, the only thing one can do is try and minimize the damages
    as much as possible. But what if there was a way to trap such threats before they make it into the system?

    There are solutions to such issues, such as people who specialize in capturing, disseminating, and disarming threats in a safe environment. With that in mind, Cybernews sat down to talk to Mor Miller, the Vice President of Business Development at BUFFERZONE, a security solution provider. We discussed how to deal with cyberattacks that are yet to happen.

    BUFFERZONE endpoint isolation and containment keeps access to external, untrusted content, such as Internet sites, emails, or network drives and removable media in a virtual container, along with processes started by those sessions and anything they save or download. Contained processes cannot reach the native endpoint or organization resources. Read More: