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    Lenovo Launches ThinkShield Endpoint Security Featuring BUFFERZONE


    Following on Lenovo’s and BUFFERZONE’s strategic partnership, last week Lenovo announced its new ThinkShield end-to-end digital security solution suite. BUFFERZONE is proud to be offered to Lenovo customers as part of Lenovo ThinkShield.

    “BUFFERZONE® technology isolates online threats before they infect the whole organization,” Lenovo stated in their announcement.

    BUFFERZONE is an advanced, centrally-managed isolation and containment solution for enterprise-level endpoint protection. Browsing sessions and other applications that access external, untrusted content such as unknown internet sites are kept in a virtual container, protecting trusted resources from any potential threats. For when users do need to keep downloaded files or to use them in trusted environments, BUFFERZONE Secure Bridge provides integrated Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR).