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    Endpoint Security Designed for the Financial Sector

    Today the financial sector faces unprecedented threats to their endpoint security. The number of breaches is growing every year, partly because of the challenge of protecting branches around the world. Given the tremendous value of customer data and the growing cost of compliance, many financial organizations are blocking internet usage for employees or are implementing separate networks for the internet—an expensive and labor-intensive effort. Business interruption, intellectual property theft and cyber-extortion are all costly, often be equal to, or even exceeding the losses from a breach.

    To ensure endpoint security financial institutions need to:

    • Protect users from advanced malware and phishing attacks
    • Allow internet access to employees who need it in order to do their jobs
    • Enable users to safely open email attachments from outside the organization
    • Enable users to securely download and open files from the internet or from USB devices
    • Prevent internet access from unprotected computers
    • Prevent sharing of information on social media

    BUFFERZONE Solution for Finance and Insurance

    BUFFERZONE protects financial institutions from a wide range of threats with patented containment, bridging and intelligence technologies. Instead of blocking, BUFFERZONE isolates potentially malicious content from web browsers, email and removable storage and provides a secure bridge for transferring it safely to the corporate network. BUFFERZONE maximizes user productivity with seamless, unrestricted access to information, while empowering IT with a simple, lightweight and cost-effective solution for up to thousands of endpoints within and beyond the corporate network.

    BUFFERZONE endpoint security:

    • Enables employees to browse, open email attachments, download files and use removable media securely
    • Protect user endpoints from unknown malware without signatures and updates
    • Restrict browsing to protected devices with BUFFERZONE Passport
    • Enable employees to opt-in to security to gain internet access
    • Meet compliance requirements for network segregation, controlled browsing, and data exfiltration
    • Define granular policies for trust and sharing of data between different parts of the organization
    • Share critical endpoint data with analytics platforms and SIEM
    • Deploy easily on Windows without hardware or software upgrades
    • Leverage leading management platforms including McAfee

    Learn more about how enterprise endpoint protection works.

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