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    Stop Worrying and Start Isolating – How to Prevent the Next Big Attack

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 18/03/2024

    Target: IT Professionals (Elementary)

    Tags: Phishing, Safe Workspace®, Safe Browsing, NoCloud ™ Anti-Phishing

    A cyberattack targeting Microsoft Azure [1] has compromised numerous executive accounts and a significant leak of user data. In late November 2023, researchers from Proofpoint [2]
    uncovered a malicious operation employing tactics for credential phishing and cloud account takeovers (ATO). This ongoing campaign uses personalized phishing baits via shared
    documents. Specifically, these documents contain links under “View document” prompts. When users click these links, they are redirected to a phishing site designed to harvest their

    Staying Safe in the Digital World

    To combat this threat, individuals and organizations must adopt preventive security measures. This includes educating employees about the signs of phishing emails, implementing
    advanced security solutions, and regularly updating systems to patch vulnerabilities. However, 92% of the attacks start with phishing attacks targeting the human factor. However,
    this attack used a simple lure text and malicious phishing link.

    This is why we created BUFFERZONE® Safe Workspace®, a suite of zero-trust solutions that consists of Safe Mail, NoCloud™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Anti-Phishing, SafeBridge®
    Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), and Safe Browser, a secure browsing solution.

    Safe Mail is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that uses BUFFERZONE® SafeBridge® to CDR emails and open links and attachments securely inside a BUFFERZONE® secure virtual container. BUFFERZONE® container isolates the browsing and file activity while keeping your computer safe from evasive attacks. In this phishing example, the lure link will be opened inside
    our container and detected by our NoCloud™ AI anti-phishing technology. As a result, the next step of the attack is stopped, and the human factor security breach is minimized.
    BUFFERZONE® NoCloud™ AI anti-phishing runs Deep Learning (DL) AI models on the endpoint leveraging Intel Neural Processing Unit (NPU) (Demo) without sending sensitive
    or private data to the cloud.


    Phishing attacks are too easy to create, and this is a stark reminder of the importance of cybersecurity in the modern era. As cyber threats evolve, staying informed and prepared is our
    best defense against these digital dangers. By isolating threats and adding prevention capabilities to your existing detection solution with an intelligent phishing detection solution, the organization achieves the highest level of security and keeps IT simple.