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    Zero-Day Threats: Terrifying, Yet Phishing Remains a Cost-Effective and Potent Cyber Attack Strategy

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 8/01/2024

    Target: IT Professionals (Elementary)

    Tags: Phishing, Safe Workspace™, Safe Browsing

    In the evolving landscape of cyber threats, deciding the optimal attack method to penetrate the organization is always challenging. In this blog, we plan to present two effective methods that are significantly different from one another. The first is zero-day exploit threats. Zero-day uses new software or hardware vulnerabilities to penetrate the organization. Zero-day attacks are expensive and are usually exploited by governments and highly advanced criminal organizations. The cost of developing such an attack can easily reach millions of dollars and even more, depending on the complexity of the attack and its simplicity.  Once a zero-day attack is discovered, we usually refer to it as a one-day attack. One-day attacks are common in malware and can be used for years for example, a typical old exploit such as the Equation editor in Microsoft Office (CVE-218-0798) is still commonly used.  The lifespan of a zero-day, until it is detected, maybe days but span to years undetected. Zero-day and one-day attacks are scary; however, they require considerable resources to discover and exploit such vulnerabilities, making them less accessible to average cybercriminals.


    Phishing continues to be a prevalent and cost-effective method for cyber-attacks. It involves tricking individuals into revealing sensitive information or downloading malicious software rather than exploiting technical vulnerabilities. Attackers find this strategy effective because it is low-cost and allows them to target large numbers of people easily. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), attackers can craft advanced phishing attacks quickly. That’s why most attackers start with phishing to steal sensitive data, and regular-looking emails are the starting point for 92% of attacks.

    Opening the Black Hat Europe conference, security researcher Daniel Cuthbert praised security improvements gained with the broader adoption of cloud computing, improvements in iOS, and tighter web security controls in Google Chrome, among other developments. According to Cuthbert, the industry is too fixated on zero-days, despite most cyber-attacks still proving successful using run-of-the-mill techniques such as phishing.

    Can we protect against zero-day, one-day, and phishing attacks?

    BUFFERZONE® Safe Workspace™ is designed to stop new threats, such as zero-day and one-day, based on patented application isolation technology.

    BUFFERZONE® Safe Workspace™ for endpoints provides robust protection against all forms of downloaded and attached malware. By creating a controlled environment, Safe Workspace™ effectively contains and neutralizes potential threats before they can cause any damage. This advanced security solution alleviates organizations’ constant worry about threats such as USB-borne attacks, file-less malware, ransomware, and widespread phishing attempts.

    BUFFERZONE® creates two distinct zones: a virtual trusted zone and an untrusted zone. Within the untrusted zone, users can freely browse the internet, open Microsoft Outlook links and attachments, and access removable media such as USBs. Meanwhile, the trusted zone remains securely isolated and is a gateway to the organization’s secure content.

    We have developed a new anti-phishing detection AI solution that uses our NoCloud™ AI inference technology. This technology prevents sensitive and private data from being uploaded to the cloud and uses advanced deep-learning algorithms to detect phishing attempts. By isolating the system, we can prevent evasive attacks and improve security against phishing attempts.

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