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    Zero-Day Attacks: The More Things Change, the More they Stay the Same

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 14/11/2016

    Nineteenth century French novelist Jean-Baptise Alphonse Karr is credited with coining the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. While this astute observation still applies to

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    Latest Qadars Banking Trojan Puts New Spin on Old Worries

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 13/10/2016

    As if the banking sector needed a new reason to worry about cyber security, IBM’s X-Force Research team recently confirmed that the notorious Qadars Trojan has once again reared its

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    Why Cyber Criminals are Targeting Higher Ed – and How to Fight Back

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 25/08/2016

    In the “good old days”, the biggest hazards facing higher education institutions were those ever-present trio of: dwindling enrollment, lack of alumni support and government funding cuts. However, for today’s

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    Banking Cybersecurity: A Smarter, Simpler and Sustainable Approach to Network Separation

    By BUFFERZONE Team, 28/06/2016

    Banks. Investors love them, governments support them, businesses rely on them, and over the course of their lifetime individuals probably use them more frequently than any other type of professional

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